Products Introduction

In order to convert your house into a dream home...

Base Isolated House


Solar Photovoltaics System

Base Isolated House The most important element for housing is to ensure the safety of the family. H.R.D.(S) has realized base isolated houses at low cost that escape earthquake tremors and by doing so protect not only the building but also those inside the building. Soler System Our solar photovoltaics have a refined design that modulates shades of black. They exhibit a high generating capacity even in warm regions and summertime temperatures, and facilitate conservation of resources through low silicon use. Low energy consumption during manufacture reduces the burden on the environment.

EPS: Thermal Insulation Material


Resin Window Frame

EPS: Thermal Insulation Material EPS (Expanded Poly-Styrene) features excellent thermal insulation and dampproof performances. HRD employs EPS of the highest grade with thermal conductivity of 0.034W/m・K, which is approx. 1.5 times as high as that of glass wool. Resin Frame This is the resin window frame equipped with Low-E double glass of 5mm thickness inside, which is very effective for saving energy, insulating noise and resisting wind pressure.Thanks to the argon-gas-filled middle layer, it achieves four times higher heat insulation than the aluminum frames.

Kitchen System (for Japanese Market)


Bathroom (for Japanese Market)

Kitchen System (for Japanese Market) Our kitchen system has achieved the same high quality as those provided by housing equipment makers. Its beauty, functionality and usability represent our commitment. Bathroom (for Japanese Market) This was made in our pursuit of realizing real comfort. In its spacious room is a big bathtub where you can stretch out relaxingly. Functional fittings combined with plenty of attention paid to the elderly and children bring you a quality bath time.

Bathroom Vanity


Shoebox (for Japanese Market)

Bathroom Vanity Easy-to-use functionality is fully prepared in this bathroom. It has both authentic user-friendliness and real beauty. Part of its attractiveness is its storage in which you can put big toilet articles or linens neatly. Shoes box (for Japanese Market) Our shoebox system upgrades the atmosphere of the entrance that represents the house and the family. You can systematically set up wall boxes, tall boxes and base boxes according to the space at the entrance and types and quantity of things you store.

Closet & Pantry (with upgrade fittings)


Solid Wood Panel & Western Room Door

Closet & Pantry (with upgrade fittings) The closet system selectable from 38 variations helps you design your storage freely. Its various units achieve very convenient and excellent storage capacity. Its very appealing in its authentic appearance with a wooden texture. Solid Wood Panel & Western Room Door Solid wood wainscot panel made of hard and strong Solomon Mahogany provides a stately atmosphere at the entrance hall or in the living room. Two colors, medium brown and natural brown are available at your request for the western room door.