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Closet & Pantry (With Upgrade Fittings)

Total Closet System Sliding Type & Non-sliding Type

38 variations of units help you design your storage flexibly according to your needs in each space. Solid Solomon Mahogany, interior material of the highest grade, is used for the door. Its classy painting beautifully brings out its natural texture. Illustrated in this picture are doors of a standard sliding type and non-sliding one. Shelves, hanger pipes and drawers are examples of the closet's usefulness in maximizing excellent capacity and functionality. It is built in the wall, which makes a straight contour in the room, allowing you to easily clean it. In contrast to stationary furniture, this system doesn't fall and assures safety in the event of an earthquake.


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Various convenient units are installed in the right places in order to enhance usability and capacity. Drawers and Japanese style shelves are authentically made of solid paulownia wood.

Necktie Hanger


Wire Net


L-Form Hanger Pipe

Drawer Made of
Paulownia Wood

Japanese Style Shelf
Made of Paulownia

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Color Variation

The same painting employed on high-end furniture is applied on solid Solomon Mahogany (species: Matoa). You can perfectly coordinate the color with fittings and fixtures in the room.

What is Solomon Mahogany?

H.R.D.(S) uses solid Solomon Mahogany (species: Matoa) as fixture lumber. Due to its distinctive gloss, expressive grain and strength exemplified by its popular name, esteel treef, Solomon Mahogany is high value-added material used for high- grade furniture.




What is furniture painting?

We paint Solomon Mahogany used as fixture lumber in a very delicate and elaborate way as done in luxurious furniture materials. This is so called Semi-Open Pore coating, a very complex process that makes the most of the grain of the lumber or timber. The first step is to grind the raw surface with sand paper, which is followed by base coating and color coating using wood sealer. As the third step of mid coating and polishing, urethane painting is applied on the timber used for waist panels or doors while UV coating is applied on fixture materials. The final step is top color coating. The paint we use is free from harmful VOC, for the sake of good health. Skilled workers carefully and attentively polish every delicate area, such as curves, to finish artistically. This is the secret of the homes H.R.D.(S) delivers. The longer a family lives in one of our houses, the deeper attachments they develop.

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Bookshelf Type

25cm-deep bookshelf is fabricated at the back of a closet, with a depth of about 60cm. We recommend this as a room-dividing wall.



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Walk-in Type

Recommendable for the main bed room. Not only wardrobe but also bags and shoes in a case can be efficiently stored in this space exclusively designed for storage. Inside, high-capacity closets, hanger pipes and sliding shelves are installed to realize functional, space-saving storage.


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Mid Partition Type

This is an optimal unit for storing bedclothes or wardrobe cases. Its exterior is fashionably designed in Western style while the inside is mounted with drawers made of solid paulownia wood.

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Pantry System

You can efficiently store nonperishables and food you have stocked up on. Thanks to its unconventional height, a larger space is available than is generally found in pantries.


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