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Kitchen System (for Japanese Market)

Kitchen System Piano Finished Type

The luster of a piano surface and depth you feel when looking in a mirror Eno other kitchen could ever shine like this system does. Special attention should go to the sharp reflection, a distinctive characteristic of the mirror surface. A kitchen is like an artistic reflection of the atmosphere of every home. The finish we use, which introduces a painting technique that is the same as that which is used in the finish of musical instruments, will enhance the decorative impression of your family's home dining experience. These are our original specifications made in the pursuit of highest functionality in such areas as storage capacity, convenient sink fittings and sophisticated.

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Kitchen System Painted Solid Wood Type

The hybrid seismic isolation system that incorporates ultra-low elastic multi-rubber with a specially-coated slider is the first of its kind for houses in Japan.. Our efforts to untiringly and repeatedly conduct experiments have come to fruition at last, allowing us to provide quake-proof houses of outstanding performance at low cost.

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Color variation

Piano Finished Type









Painted Solid Wood Type

Ten chic and decorative colors are available. You can make your own kitchen space as you like, whether modern, natural or dignified.




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Kitchen System Painted Solid Wood Type

Long L-Form

I-form 770

Two types are available: L-form which provides a comfortable work space as well as storage and I-form for effective work with minimum movement. As a variation, long L-form whose side is extended is also available. Two different counter depths and three types of height allow you to select the best configuration for kitchen space and for the main user’s height and work style.

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Function And Equipment

Down Wall Cabinet

Wall cabinets (2 places) are equipped with movable racks. The racks can be pulled down easily to eye height, which makes your kitchen work more efficient.

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Storage space

Deeper-than-traditional drawers and inner sliding ones have realized world top class capacity. Functional partitions, cabinets or racks of various shapes provide you with an efficient space both for large utensils and small seasoning bottles.


Drawer with
Partition Tray

Base Corner

Garbage Bin space
(available for Long

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Soft-closing Mechanism

A soft-closing mechanism incorporated for drawers and cabinet doors* alleviates the shocks of closing. Stress-free operation even during your busiest kitchen work. This mechanism, developed by BLUM (an Austrian corporation), is highly evaluated throughout the world.
*Excluding multi-racks and inner drawers

Soft-closingmechanism with
full-sliding rail made

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Tremor-activated lock

A tremor-activated lock is fixed to every wall cabinet door. The lock activates when sensing strong shock to keep items inside from flying out of the cabinet in case of an earthquake.

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Stainless Bar

Frequently used items can be placed within the reach with this stainless bar. You can tentatively put washed dishes on the draining rack, which certainly speeds up your kitchen work. Equipped with an anti-vibration feature, it can be installed on a face-to-face type counter, and by the window.

Drainer shelf
(with Cutting
Board Shelf)

Spice rack

Paper rack

S Hook

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Sink with Fittings

The sink is big enough to wash large pans and vegetables easily. A convenient faucet with an extendable shower head, a rack for small items and other fixtures were designed considering not only user-friendliness but also cleanliness.

Jumbo Sink

Draining Plate

Detergent Rack

Faucet with Extendable
Shower Head, Single
Lever, Hot and
Cold Water

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Silver Face: Dish Washer/Dryer for 6 People

This dish washer with drying capability can wash up to 40 pieces of table ware, enough to serve 6 people. It can be fully pulled out for easy putting in and taking out of dishes. The silver control panel is stylish.

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